The Senser Complex is a soundtrack songwriting production group based out of Austin Texas. The tracks are instrumentals and generally described as guitar driven. Many songs were originally intended for a full band set up. I mainly create musical riffs, or a foundations for songs to begin. Once these rough ideas are mostly written, I introduce the arrangements to the band/vocalist, they then have their way with it, refining the ideas into something bigger.

The reality is, not every idea goes over, or makes it out alive. Many riffs are never heard, unfinished, or discarded. So now I’m left with a hard drive full of song ideas. A buddy said, “Just leave them as instrumentals and turn them into soundtracks.” Hence, The Senser Complex was born.

We have many soundtrack categories, from cinematic to logo and ident intros, action adventures, to the quirky jingles. Our tracks can be remixed or remastered to suit your industry’s specific needs. Feel free to contact us with any requests or questions, we’ll be glad to work it out.

To be sure, more tracks are always being written, so come back often and have a look around. I look forward to sharing these ideas with you. Enjoy the music, may you find a use for them.



Tony Senser

The Senser Complex


commercial use

If songs are for commercial use, such as national ads, television, video games, film score, corporate, presentations, fitness industry CD etc..., they REQUIRE specific licensing, please contact us, or go the sites listed below

Tracks are available for licensing at:


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All songs have been copyrighted. Use them wisely.

Made on a Mac

Here’s a clip of one of our tracks, “Reckless”, being used in a short film, “Steen’s Revenge”. Track starts at the 5:47 mark.